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Yes! Owning an DJ Property home is true real estate ownership. You purchase units in the property trust. The home is fully managed and designed specifically for co-ownership.
You book time via the DJ Property scheduling system. It’s easy to use and equitable for owners. The system supports two types of stays: advance notice stays and short-notice. Advance notice stays are scheduled 21 days to 24 months in advance, and each owner has access to an advance notice days that falls on special dates (i.e Easter, Christmas, New Years, Australia Day). Short-notice stays are booked 2 to 21 days in advance of arrival. (Note: For homes with unsold units, the short-notice booking window is 2-7 days in advance of arrival to give availability to new owners who are purchasing in.)
You can sell at any time, at a price of your choosing. We have an active network of interested buyers, and any licenced real estate agent can also list and sell like they would any other home.
Yes. We have integrated financing available to offer our buyers. You also are welcome to use other sources of capital such as home equity financing or cash.

Buyers can finance up to 50% leaving a 50% deposit required.

We vet all owners, who agree to a common-sense owner code of conduct. The home will be reserved for the exclusive use of owners and their guests.

Scheduling made easy

We make scheduling easy and equitable for every owner. When you own a DJ Property home you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can enjoy your home during the times that matter to you.

What do you get?

On average, owners stay at their homes 6-7 times per year, depending on their personal travel preferences or professional requirements. Ultimately, you decide what dates are most important to you, and enjoy the flexibility as your usage varies from year to year.

How do the shares work?

As an owner you will receive 1/8 share, unless you purchase more. As an owner you will have access to 1/8 of the total time available, or the amount apportioned to your ownership. Booked stays can be easily modified if your plans change. Once your next stay is within 30 days, it no longer counts toward your bookings, and you can schedule another stay.

How peak seasons work?

  • Peak season stays count toward your general stays.
  • Owners of 1/8 share have the option to book two separate stays (up to 7 nights) or one continuous stay (up to 14 nights) across the extended and active planning windows.
  • You can secure a stay when the peak calendar opens up, then add more dates later on. Staggered booking windows ensure every owner can book multiple stays without having to plan their trips far in advance.
Special Dates

A home for the holidays

As an DJ Property home owner you get to select one “special date” at a time per share — these include major holidays, like 4th of July and Christmas, and other local travel-worthy events, customized for each home. Within 30 days of your special date stay, you have the opportunity to book a new special date. Our 24-month calendar prevents any one owner from locking in the same holiday year after year, so you always have an opportunity to get the date that’s most important to you.

How special dates work

  • Special dates are included in your general stays and require a 3-night minimum stay.
  • Every owner has the opportunity to book one special date at a time per share.
  • If a special date is 30 days away and hasn’t been booked, you are free to book it, even if you have other special dates on the calendar.

Flexible booking

As we all know, plans can change. Here’s what you need to know about changing your stay or booking.

Modifying an existing stay:

If you would like to change the dates of a stay you’ve booked and the dates are available, you can modify your stay in the “DJ Stay” app. If a stay is within 48 hours of arrival, your DJ Property Home Manager can adjust your stay duration.

Back-to-back stays:

To ensure ongoing access for all owners, the period between your arrival date and your prior departure must be equal to or greater than the number of nights of your last stay.

Canceling a stay:

We want to maximize the amount of dates available for you to book, so last-minute cancellations are discouraged. You can cancel your booking up to 60 days prior to arrival. However, when canceling a stay within 60 days of arrival, you risk forfeiting your stay if the dates aren’t rebooked by another owner. All owners are automatically notified of any cancellations.
We make it possible!

Owning multiple high end properties globally has never been easier or more achievable.

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