Welcome to DJ Property, where we make luxury home co ownership simple

3 Simple Steps to the holiday home life of your dreams.


Let us know the type of property and location of your dreams. There are often private listings that are not displayed.


We provide a simple way to buy and own your share in the property. Properties historically double about every 10 years, and your ownership allows you to receive capital gain on your home.


Bring your family and friends to enjoy your new home. We handle all the furnishings, repairs, and property management. Scheduling is easy, so you can start planning your next trip straightaway.

How does it work?

How does the ownership structure work?

When DJ Property purchases a home it does so under an Trust which allows for up to 10 individual owners to purchase units in the property. At any point you would like sell their share in he property, they are entitled to do so just like any other property ownership and can be done through your real estate agent, or you can contact us and we will assist. All owners have equal voting rights on the property, and will be consulted equally on any aspects relating to the home.

How do I book time at my new home?

To book time in your new home, you can use our scheduling app A-Stay. Each owner will have a pre designated holiday or special occasion that they can request, like a Birthday, Anniversary, Easter etc… These will be decided at time of settlement among the collective owners. You’ll also enjoy the flexibility of being able to book from 2 days to 2 years in advance.

More Benefits -

We are owners not renters. Every DJ Property Home is privately owned, which means every individual will look after the property as if it was their own…because it is!

We support the local economy. Most holiday homes remain vacant for the larger part of the year. DJ Property homes are utilised, meaning the local shops and restaurants have steadier patronage and less affected by seasonal change. We also employ local Business’ such as Real Estate agents, Maintenance and Ground keeping contractors and Property Managers for each home.

We reduce competition. With a growing demand for homes in the US and around the world. Prices and competition are rising quickly. With fractional home ownership we reduce competition by diversifying the demand.

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Welcome to DJ Property, where we make luxury home co ownership simple.

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